Lakeside Lawn Repair & Retaining Wall Restoration

RESTORATION HIGHLIGHT – Lakeside Lawn Repair & Retaining Wall Restoration, 2016

In 2016, efforts were made to correct a drainage issue on Lucknow’s lakeside lawn. The grade of the lawn tilted down toward the mansion, allowing water to pool against the home’s façade. Also, there was no appropriate outlet for the water that collected below the lawn’s surface. As a result, water frequently leaked into the mansion’s basement. Beginning in March of 2016, a crew re-graded the entire lawn and installed a trench drain along the exterior edge to redirect collecting water. Once completed, they laid new sod in preparation for mansion visitors.


As part of the same project, stonemasons restored the retaining wall around the edge of the lawn. Because of the poor drainage, subsurface freezing and thawing each winter had caused the wall to bulge significantly. Stonemasons labeled and mapped the stones before removing sections. As they repointed, they replaced the original stonework just as it had been laid when first built over 100 years earlier.