Owner’s Chamber Restoration

RESTORATION HIGHLIGHT – Owner’s Chamber Restoration, 2016

The Owners’ Chamber, originally shared by Tom and Olive Plant, has been restored to a close approximation of its original appearance thanks to physical evidence and informed conjecture based on historic interior decorating resources. Upon removing the modern wallpaper in the room, the restoration team discovered sections of the original paper. These were scanned, digitally reconstructed, and reproduced to install in the room. Traces of original paint found under radiator grates were likewise matched and reapplied throughout the room. Using photographs of the mansion’s exterior taken circa 1924, the restoration team identified the pattern of the lace sheer curtains found throughout the second floor of the home. Based upon this, the sheers were replicated and are installed for guests to view each season.


Where no physical evidence or photographs existed to inform the restoration effort, the research team relied on interior decorating manuals from the 1910s and 1920s to identify popular patterns and color schemes. Using this information, the team sourced appropriate fabrics for linens and curtains and chose mauve carpeting for the room. While we cannot be certain these are the colors and patterns with which the Plants decorated their bedroom, they are appropriate for the era and were frequently paired with the greens and grays known to have been chosen by Tom and Olive.