Adopt an Artifact

Our Adopt an Artifact program is a way to ensure the proper care and preservation of our historic collection in support of our non-profit mission. Your adoption of an artifact will also help us mitigate the impact of reduced income due to capacity limitations and program cancellations in response to COVID-19.

All adoptions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Adoptions go not only to the maintenance of a specific artifact but to support the museum mission as a whole. Castle in the Clouds is not limited to immediately conserving an artifact if funds are not raised in full.

How does the program work?

Artifact adoption, or “sponsorship”, lasts one year from the date of adoption. Please note that the adoption of an artifact does not mean you are purchasing the item, but rather sponsoring the artifact in support of the museum’s overall mission. As our interpretation of the mansion and property evolves, some artifacts may be removed from display at the end of a season. 

Depending on the level of sponsorship, donors will receive:

$50 – $100 Sponsorship
Adoption certificate
Your name as the artifact sponsor on this web page
Tax-deductible receipt

$200 – $500 Sponsorship
All of the above, plus…
Picture of the artifact with description and explanation of the significance
If the artifact is conserved or maintained, before and after pictures

$1000 and up
All of the above, plus…
Social media shout out
Notice the artifact is on display and where it is in the Castle
Two free tickets to tour the museum

Select an artifact below to complete a sponsorship form and begin your adoption today!

$50 Sponsorship Level

Two bronze bookend figurines. On the left is a young girl, on the right a young boy.
Hide & Seek Bookends in the Library
Pull up rings hanging from the ceiling.
Pull-Up Rings in Tom's Dressing Room
Bronze sculpture of a starving man feeding a starving dog.
Champigny Bronze, "Seated man feeding dog" in the Main Hall
Bronze sculpture also an inkwell with two men on an oriental carpet. Man on left stands with open hands while man on right sits next to the inkwell.
Bronze inkwell in the Main Hall
Serving tray decorated with a kaleidoscope of luminescent blue butterfly wings.
Butterfly tray in Butler's Pantry

$100 Sponsorship Level

Mountain and Lake Roundel (Library)
Falls of Song Roundel (Library)
Sunset Lake Roundel (Library)
Poppies Roundel (Olive's Boudoir)
Morning Glories Roundel (Olive's Boudior)
Painted glass roundel. Subject is three dogs running through the forest.
Hounds (Main Hall)
Painted glass roundel. Subject is a stag running in the forest.
Stag (Main Hall)
Painted glass roundel with peaches and plums as the subject.
Peaches & Plums (Dining Room)
Mt. Vesuvius gouache painting (1)
Mt. Vesuvius gouache painting (2)
Mt. Vesuvius gouache painting (3)

$150 Sponsorship Level

Deer Head (1)
Deer Head (2)
Deer Head (3)

$250 Sponsorship Level

All 3 Mt. Vesuvius gouache paintings
Eastern design vase in the Staircase Hall
Hercules clock
"View from Sugar Hill" by Clifford Grear Alexander
"The Last Days of Napoleon" statue in the Library

$500 Sponsorship Level

"Summer view of Gunstock" by William Paskell, signed pseudonym "H. Howe"
"Autumn view of Gunstock" by William Paskell
Victrola record player in the Library
Tom Plant's trophy collection

$1000 Sponsorship Level

Pool table in the Main Hall
Our Adopters:

Dennis & Marianne Tompkins*

Betsy Hutchings*

Judy & Steve Brown**

Gary & Connie Dehnel

Jo-Ann CE Bélanger*

Mary & Paul*

Tammy M. Chappell

The Barbara Tomb Lundberg Family, in memory of her happy years as a docent

Ann Calcaterra

Dave & Jeannette Doyle

John & Ann Farley

Jennifer Traverso

Kirsten O. Lundberg*

Marianne & Bill Marcussen

Samuel Ball

In loving memory of Melvin C. Blais

Gene & Marla Collins

In Loving Memory of Nancy Q. Amrich

Each * indicates additional years of artifact adoption.