Shannon Pond & The Meadows


Located on our exit road, Shannon Pond is a man-made pond created by Tom Plant circa 1913. He stocked it with huge trout, which are still found there today. It is home to New Hampshire’s largest Rainbow Trout.

No fishing!  Get a handful of fish food from the 25-cent dispenser and watch the trout  jump  for a snack. Children of ALL ages love to see the fish jump right out of the water to catch the food. Please do not bring your own food to feed the trout as foreign foods can be harmful to their digestive systems.

Relax and enjoy the view – you can see Mt Roberts, Mt Faraway and Mt Shaw in the distance. Or take a hike – use Shannon Pond as your starting point for many of our walking trails


The Meadows are adjacent to Shannon Pond. Enjoy the use of picnic tables as the children run around in the open fields. For ice cream or a light snack, stop by Cones in the Clouds.