Exhibit Gallery


“The Shoes that Built the Castle”

Located in The Carriage House, our Exhibit Gallery is now home to a new exhibit, featuring the shoe manufacturing career of Thomas Plant, the Castle’s original owner. “The Shoes that Built the Castle” invites guests to learn about Plants meteoric rise in the shoe production industry, the innovative production strategies that made his fortune, and the shoe machinery war that eventually ended his career.

This exhibit features historic images, memorabilia, and objects – including Queen Quality and Dorothy Dodd shoes – documenting the history of the Thomas G. Plant Company and shoe manufacturing in the industrial era.

This exhibit received a Gold Award from the international Muse Design Awards! We owe a debt of gratitude to Stark Creative of Wolfeboro for creating such beautiful and visually exciting panels to tell the story of Tom Plant’s manufacturing career.

Check out a sneak peek of “The Shoes that Built the Castle” online and be sure to take a look during your 2021 visit to learn the fascinating career that led to Lucknow’s creation!