Dining Room Restoration

RESTORATION HIGHLIGHT – Dining Room, 2015-2016

Restoration of Lucknow’s intimate dining room was a two year process beginning in 2015. The project started with the meticulous restoration of the original plaster ceiling, which had suffered heavy water damage over its century of existence. Seven layers of paint were removed to reveal traces of the original color (long a mystery to the restoration team) – a simple beige hue.

In 2016, preservation carpenters restored several sections of damaged elm veneer paneling that make up the room’s walls. Where the original elm panels could not be saved, they were replaced with new elm panels, carefully chosen for similarity in wood grain. An analysis of the original finish helped the restoration team select the replacement stain color. The same process was used to restore the finish on the original oak flooring.

The room’s original walnut furniture was conserved and placed just as seen in photographs taken during the early 1920s, at the time the Plants were living at Lucknow and enjoying meals in their octagonal dining room.