Blue Room Restoration

RESTORATION HIGHLIGHT – Blue Room (research phase), 2021

Beginning in 2020, the restoration team began research for proposed restoration to the first-floor guest room, identified on the interphone system as the Blue Room. Although wear and tear have been evident in this room for years, restoration efforts have been on hold until exterior work took place. Restoration of the North Tower’s exterior (the tower in which this room is located) in early 2020 ensured the interior spaces were weatherproof. This allowed the restoration team to move forward with plans for the interior spaces.

As part of the research phase, Castle staff moved the wardrobe from against the wall to examine the space. This revealed that significant water damage (believed to have occurred in the early 1980s) will require a large section of the plaster walls to be reconstructed. Once this is complete, crews will install an imitation grasscloth wallpaper. This will recreate the appearance of the original wallcovering, scraps of which were discovered behind the intercom panel, circa 2014.

Moving the wardrobe also revealed what we believe to be the original trim color and floor finish. As there are no known photographs of this room from the Plant period, these physical remnants are invaluable to the restoration effort. This room will likely be closed to the public during the 2021 season as restoration continues, but we encourage visitors to peek through the windows near the trolley stop to see how we’re progressing!