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Happy Preservation Month!

By: Mackenzie M. Padula, 5/4/2021 | Theme: Conversations

As May is National Preservation Month, we would like to take this moment to reflect on the ongoing preservation work happening on our property, and thank our generous supporters for your assistance in this endeavor.

Preservation is the activity or process of keeping something valued alive, intact and free from damage or decay[1]. At Castle in the Clouds we actively work to preserve, conserve and restore Lucknow Mansion and its surrounding landscapes. Over the last 15 years Castle Preservation Society has worked on the following:

Exterior ProjectsDate CompletedInterior ProjectsDate Completed
Lucknow Chimney #4 Repair2006Boudoir2012
Rebuild Carriage House Patio2007Olive’s Dressing Room2012
Lucknow Chimneys #1, 2 & 3 Repair2007Attendant’s Room (wallpaper)2012
Lucknow Basement Roof Repair – resealed under lawn2007Staircase Hall (paint, wallpaper)2014
Carriage House Garage Roof2008Green Room – Large Guest Room (Paint, wallpaper)2014
Lucknow Walkway to Sunroom – resealed under lawn2008Butler’s Pantry (paint)2015
Lucknow Library Alcove Roof and Large Guest Room Dormer2009Servants’ Hall2016
Large Guest Room Lakeside Dormer2010Dining Room2016
Boudoir Balcony2010Master Bedroom2017
Lucknow Master Bathroom Dormer2011Small Maid’s Room2018
Lucknow Electric Rewired2012Basement2018
Lower Gate House Exterior2012Green Room – Large Guest Room (carpet)2018
Lucknow South Basement Stone Façade2013Libraryongoing
Lucknow Portico20131st Floor Guest Room (Blue Room)ongoing
Lucknow East Basement Stone Façade, Phase 120132nd Floor Guest Room (Brown Room)upcoming
Lucknow South Tower Exterior2014
Lakeside Lawn – repitched, drainage, sod2016
Lucknow Pergola2017 
Lucknow Front Dormers2019
Lucknow Library Gable End2019
Lucknow Lakeside Pool2019
Lucknow North Tower Exterior2020
Lucknow Roof2020
Sun Parlorongoing   

You can read about how we prioritize our projects in the blog post “How do we choose our next restoration projects?”.  All of our restoration work is done to The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. These standards regulate how we approach restoration work and the treatments we use on every material, from masonry to metals on both the mansion’s exterior and interior spaces and finishes. Our goal is always to retain as much of the original material as possible, and to replace in kind when something is too damaged or degraded to restore.

To learn more about historic preservation, we suggest visiting any of the following websites:

New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources

National Park Service / National Register of Historic Places

New Hampshire Preservation Alliance

You can support our ongoing preservation and restoration through membership, donation, volunteering and/or working with us!

Which of these projects have you noticed when you visited?


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