Cody Outdoor Classroom

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Castle in the Clouds is partnering with the Cody Outdoor Classroom to bring a fun day of science and learning to Castle in the Clouds!

This is a free, family friendly experience and is designed so that you can drop in at any time during the 11:00am-3:00pm time frame.

Do you know the difference between erosion, weathering and deposition?  Could you explain how glaciers form?  The instructors from Cody Outdoor Classroom will help you better understand the landscape of New Hampshire by leading participants in an exploration of rocks, rivers, glaciers, and erosion.

Water has the power to carve mountains and valleys into and out of existence.  However, water can take many forms and have many different effects.  Families and people of all ages will get the chance to get their hands dirty in a stream demonstration, pretend to be glaciers carving out mountains, and learn about the geologic history of the White Mountains and Lakes Region.  Cody Outdoor Classroom instructors will lead activities that get everyone involved, learning, and having a good time.

This program is FREE to the public when you enter via Ossipee Park Road.

If you would like to tour the historic Lucknow mansion, you can purchase admission tickets at the Gift Shop, or our main entrance on Route 171, and traverse up our scenic drive.