Artifact Conservation & Restoration

By: Mackenzie M. Padula, 9/22/2020

Our new Adopt an Artifact program allows you to sponsor and support select artifacts from our collection. This year the funding goes to the general operational budget of Castle in the Clouds in light of COVID-19 but this program is created so that in future years you can help us offset the cost of historic preservation and conservation of objects.

For example, in the preservation of library materials such as Gibbon’s Roman Empire, the curator would inventory the display space. Historic library pieces should be displayed at least 10 cm off the ground, and would ideally have a cover above it. Books should be kept in a well ventilated space. We keep Gibbon’s Roman Empire on display on the oak table in the library, as Tom and Olive displayed favorite sets of their books with the “Hide & Seek” Bookends. The library has open air flow and was recently restored.

Proper restoration or recreation of historic artifacts includes the proper use of materials or ideal, time appropriate replacements and protocols for how they were created. Book bindings of this sort would include hand dyed leather, with wraparound raised ribs, embossed lettering, decorative binding tools, and end pages. It’s an art style unto itself that values craftsmanship and authenticity.

Our curatorial committee works tirelessly to create the most accurate representation of how Tom and Olive would have lived and how the home is represented in historic photographs. By supporting the museum through membership, volunteering, donation, adoption or participating in our annual gala, you are helping to support the preservation of artifacts and history for generations to follow!


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