Environmental Sustainability

By: Mackenzie M. Padula, 4/27/2021

Happy Earth Month! Last Thursday was Earth Day and with our beautiful property, we have so much to celebrate!

Castle Preservation Society aims to preserve the stunning property that we manage by being as environmentally sustainable as possible. Here are some of our current efforts that help the environment:

  • Our gift shop uses paper bags, rather than plastic bags.
  • We take care of the trees, flowers, and plants on our property. We remove those that are dying, diseased, or posing a hazard. We bring in arborists to consult on the care of trees that make up our historic landscape.
  • We reuse secondhand furniture in our offices.
  • New this year, we’ve installed filling stations on the property to decrease our use of plastic water bottles.
  • When we’re working onsite we aim to only use lights in spaces that we’re in. Telecommuting this winter resulted in cutting our electricity usage in half.
  • We recycle obsessively.
  • We’re careful about using the heating and cooling systems. We limit the temperatures and when they are used.
  • A handful of our employees carpool together.
  • And, we all get outside and enjoy the property whenever we can!

You can implement some of these efforts into your own home/workplace! You can find additional lists of how to live sustainably with the links below:

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