On the Docket…

By: Mackenzie M. Padula, 10/13/2020

Old Homes are always in need of work and restoration – our historic Lucknow Estate is no different. We have several big projects coming down the pipe including: new glass paneling in the sun parlor, restoration to the bedrooms in the North Tower, and completing ongoing projects in the Library and Green Guest Room.

The Curatorial Committee has been hard at work researching the North Tower Interior – this project will entail repapering the walls, refinishing the floors, carpeting the room(s), and having textiles produced for the curtains and bed linens. Investigation is starting in our first floor guest room, the Blue Room. This room was most recently papered with a yellow paper that was likely installed within the last 30 years. So far we have found samples of a gray wallpaper with a white floral motif (Figure 1) under the current yellow wallpaper. We believe the gray paper to be from a Plant era remodel of the room that took place in the late 1930s. Previous investigation has also found a gray synthetic grass weave wallpaper; this is the wall covering we believe to be original (Figure 2). Given the gray wall coverings, we believe the blue color that merited its name on the interphone system would be from the curtains, carpeting, and bed linens, as well as the roundels found in this room. Our team also moved the wardrobe off of the wall in order to investigate the extent of water damage, when we did this we found what we believe to be original paint samples and the original color of the flooring (Figure 3).

As mentioned we’re also looking to finish ongoing restoration projects:

  • We’re planning to digitally reproduce the silk damask wallcovering in the library,
  • Produce bed linens for the Green Room as well as a slip cover for the chaise lounge in that space
  • Produce a few of the club chairs shown in historic photographs of the library
  • Find rugs for the library and dining room

When we are working on restoration project we use historic photographs, oral history, and investigation to get as close to the original esthetic as possible. When we do not have concrete evidence to work from, we review Tom and Olive’s décor preferences as a whole as well as time period appropriate trends to help guide our decisions.

Do you have any remodels or restorations going on? How do you make the décor decisions?


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