COVID-19 Policy & Procedures

CPS will continue to operate the property in accordance with and in adherence to current CDC-recommended COVID-19 guidelines. Visitors to Castle in the Clouds are not required to wear masks or face coverings indoors or outdoors at this time. However, if visitors are immunocompromised, at high risk for severe illness, or are unvaccinated- masks/face coverings are strongly recommended. Staff, community partners, presenters, and volunteers will continue to sanitize/disinfect their workstations frequently and practice recommended hand-washing procedures. CPS will keep abreast of any changes to these guidelines throughout the season.

Please note these important changes:

  • We are happy to announce that Castle in the Cloud’s historic entrance at 455 Old Mountain Road is once again open to vehicles, in addition to the hikers’ entrance on Ossipee Park Road! Please see “Getting to Castle in the Clouds” below for more information.
  • Due to the labor market and the inability to hire the necessary staff, the lunch service previously offered is not currently available at the Carriage House Restaurant. We apologize that we are unable to provide this special experience to our guests. We will begin to offer lunch on the terrace as soon as possible and will continue to update our Dining page with new information. You can still enjoy outdoor dining during your visit to Café in the Clouds, serving lunch, adult beverages, and ice cream in the scenic meadow by Shannon Pond!

Children may enjoy reading this social story to learn what to expect when visiting Castle in the Clouds.

Key Points:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting procedures have been implemented in accordance with CDC guidance.
  • Masks are strongly recommended for all of our guests (vaccinated and unvaccinated) while indoors, and we will continue to take additional steps to limit potential exposure.
  • Entry to tour the Castle is timed and ticketed.
  • Mansion tour admission is available at the Ticket Booth.
  • To keep crowds to a minimum, the Carriage House (which contains restrooms) is only accessible to guests who have mansion tour tickets.
  • Food, beverages, and ice cream may be purchased at Café in the Clouds.
  • Additional restrooms are available in the field next to the main parking lot.

Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitation

High-touch surfaces will be disinfected according to current CDC guidance.  Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the property for guest use.

Getting to Castle in the Clouds

We are happy to announce that Castle in the Cloud’s historic entrance at 455 Old Mountain Road is once again open to vehicles, in addition to the hikers’ entrance on Ossipee Park Road. Drive-up this scenic road and stop along in designated parking areas to see the Pebble, Falls of Song, and the scenic overview of Lake Winnipesaukee. Visitors may also drive up Ossipee Park Road, located 2 miles north of the main entry, and park in the usual parking spots. Mansion tour and basement tour tickets will still be sold at the top of the hill in our Ticket Booth and Gift Shop. We ask that all using this road use caution, as it is now open for both pedestrians and vehicles. The historic entrance will be open daily between the hours of 9 am and 3:30 pm (3 pm on wedding days) through Sunday, October 24 when we close for the season.

We ask that you refrain from visiting the Castle if you are feeling unwell, if you have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 10 days, or if you have traveled internationally or by cruise ship in the past 10 days. Face coverings are required for all guests over the age of two at the Ticket Booth, inside the Gift Shop, Carriage House, trolleys, and mansion  (if you didn’t bring one, a limited number of disposable face coverings will be available or cloth face coverings are available for purchase at the Ticketing Booth & Gift Shop).

Buying Your Tickets

Castle tours are now timed-entry only– you will purchase your tickets at the Ticket Booth. You can purchase tickets for one of the next few available time slots. Our first tour of the day is at 10:15. Normally, the last available tickets are for a 4:15 entry, but if you are visiting on a wedding day, 3:45 will be the last entry time. The time of your tour is also the time that your trolley leaves for Lucknow Mansion. Tickets are limited so that we may encourage social distancing within Lucknow Mansion and on the trolleys. You will be given a sticker and a receipt – the sticker allows you into the Carriage House and onto the trolley, the receipt will have your entry time for your Castle tour on it, which you will need to present to the trolley driver at the time of your tour.

Getting to the Castle

After you have purchased your ticket at the Ticket Booth you will make your way to the Carriage House. You may use the restrooms here as there are no public restrooms at Lucknow Mansion. In front of this building, you will wait for the trolley, we ask that you leave at least 6 feet of distance between parties while waiting.

When the trolley arrives and the driver indicates that they are ready for you to board, please do so by taking the seat farthest in the back and loading back to front. This will keep people from crossing paths in the tight quarters of the trolley.

Arriving at the Castle

When delivered to Lucknow Mansion, a guide will greet you at the front entrance and allow you in one party at a time in order to help you maintain social distance. We have laid out a specific one-way path for you to follow through the house to encourage appropriate distancing and guest safety. Once you enter the Castle, you have 1 hour to make your way through the tour. There will still be guides stationed throughout the home to answer questions and provide interpretation. The walking tour does include 2 flights of stairs – if you do not feel comfortable/are unable to navigate stairs please tell a guide so that he or she help you access a video tour of the second floor. After you have completed the tour, you will leave Lucknow through the sun parlor. You’ll have the option to wait for the next trolley to take you down to the Carriage House, to enjoy the views from the back lawn, or take a walking path down to the Carriage House (accessed via the back lawn).

In the Carriage House

The Carriage House is home to our restaurant (not currently offering dining), exhibit gallery, and restrooms. In order to minimize crowds, the Carriage House is only accessible to guests with mansion tour tickets. However, our bathhouse building for hikers near the meadow is open as well. We recommend using our facilities before you get on the trolley and go up to Lucknow Mansion.

Café in the Clouds

If you are hungry while visiting the Castle, be sure to visit Café in the Clouds located in the fields between Shannon Pond and the parking lots. Café in the Clouds offers lunch daily from 11 am-to 4 pm – they have a rotating menu of sandwiches, flatbreads, and ice cream. You can also purchase fish food here to feed the trout at Shannon Pond. There are restrooms in the field for your convenience as well.


Cars with Handicap stickers/license plates will be able to continue passed the checkpoint to our handicapped parking lot outside of the Carriage House. Drivers may also drop off their party at the checkpoint to wait and purchase tickets while the car is being parked.


We are now open!
2022 Season Hours of Operation Thursday – Monday 10-4 pm

We are now open!
2022 Season Hours of Operation Thursday – Monday 10-4 pm